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Augmented reality for monitoring the protection systems in substations

The master thesis that follows the current trends

The master thesis ”Augmented reality application for protection system monitoring” is another step in line with the trends and current changes that the power system si undergoing. The research of Marko Cmuk is aimed to explore the possibilities and potentials of applying advanced methods of visualizing collected measurements and data within substations, using new technologies such as augmented reality (AR).


First Ph.D. in HELB’s team

At only 33 years of age, Goran Jurišić is the Head of development and research department at HELB, has a Ph.D. and more than 10 years of experience in the profession. He joined HELB team as a student, and since then he has gone through different job positions: from site testing engineer, project manager, energy efficiency engineer, relay protection engineer, all the way to the Head of the department. More

Project on the largest plant of Dalmatia’s distribution network

Replacement of secondary systems of 220 kV plant in SS Konjsko

HELB has finished yet another successful project in Dalmatia for Končar Energy and Transport Engineering – KET. The main goal of the project was the replacement of secondary systems at 220 kV plant of Croatian Transmission System Operator (HOPS) in SS 400/220/110/10 kV Konjsko. More

In Germany at the deepest hydrotermic project

Geothermal source at the depth of 5,100 m!

After very successful projects of the construction, testing and commissioning of the largest geothermal power plant in Europe, as well as the electrical testing and synchronization of generators at the geothermal power plant in New Mexico, HELB’s experts have started another successful co-operation with Turboden.


Among the top 100 at the Job Fair

Students showed great interest in the professional practice in HELB

With the aim of introducing itself to the students of electrical engineering and computing in Zagreb, HELB participated at Job Fair, in the company of 115 domestic and foreign technology companies.


Green energy project in Greece

In the vicinity of Vollos, one of the most important Greek ports, HELB completed its engagement on the project Volos Biomass Power Plant. It’s a 5MW biomass power plant operating in ORC technology and media used for is isobutane. This is another project in a series of successful partnerships with the Italian company Turboden after the references in Croatia, Germany and New Mexico.